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Artists Boutique COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures

Updated Oct 3, 2022


The Artists Boutique is the name of both our long-standing art show and the 10-member committee that makes it happen. The juried, two-day event occurs the first weekends in November and March. “Safety First” has always guided our decision-making in every aspect of show production. Of primary concern are our invited artists and the patrons who support them.


The Boutique is planning our fall in-person art show, November 5 & 6, 2022.  In preparation for our gathering, we are staying up to date with the CDC, keeping informed of the Kirkwood Community Center’s protocol, and incorporating appropriate measures recommended by Missouri Arts Council /Art Safe Missouri.


The Artist Boutique rents the gym in the Kirkwood Community Center, 111 South Geyer Rd, 63122 for our show. The gym is part of a larger complex that includes an ice rink, meeting rooms, and snack bar area. Artists load in externally from out of doors, so there is no contact with other parts of the facility. The space we use has 3 doors by which to enter. Attendance capacity is 400.


In our desire to create a safe environment during the prolonged pandemic, Artists Boutique is implementing the following measures:


Participating artists will be socially distanced from each other.

Artists’ booths will be separated by three walls: one in the back of the art space and one on each side of it.


Masks are recommended for all, including staff, artists, and visitors. Volunteers at entry table will offer masks and hand sanitizer to patrons.


Three internal doors to the gym, two of which are usually closed, will remain open to allow greater air flow. Sanitizer will be paced at the front door  “greeter’s table” and at a table by the kitchen.


Signage will designate separate doors for entrance and exit.


No food will be available in the show area but snack bar is open for limited hours and available in lobby area.


These precautions will be available on our Artists Boutique website and will be shared with all participating artists as part of their personal responsibility to support our safe space protocol.


These COVID-19 health and safety procedures may periodically change to reflect best practices based on local, state, and federal guidelines.

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