Artists Boutique: Fine Art and Fine Craft Show




The Artists Boutique Fine Art Fine Craft show is an event run by artists for artists. Our show has been around for over 54 years and is still going strong today. The art fair will be inside the Kirkwood Community Center, 111 S. Geyer Rd., Kirkwood, MO 63122. There is no admission or parking fees for artists or patrons.



Clay, Drawing/Print, Fiber (Basketry or Paper), Fiber (Wearable or Woven), Glass (other than jewelry), Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Wood






  • Jury fee: is $20 and non-refundable. 

  • Second Jury Fee: $10 and is non-refundable (If you wish to jury in more than one category, please submit another application)

  • Booth Fee: $125

  • Electric Fee: $20



You must submit five images 4 professional quality images representative of your artwork and 1 quality image of your booth as it will appear at the show (if booth shot shows walls then booth must have walls at show). Digitally manufactured booth images are not acceptable and will lower your jury score. Failure to meet any of the image requirements may result in your images being rejected, or being viewed incorrectly.

  Image Specs:

1. Baseline JPEG (.jpg) format (not Progressive JPEG format)

2. sRGB color space for greater color accuracy when viewed

3. No less than 600 x 600 pixels & no greater than 1920 x 1920 pixels

4. No less than a 300 kb in size & no greater than 1.8 M

    - If you are unsure where your work fits among entry categories, use your best judgment. The artistic merit of each entry is what counts. Your jury score is what matters

    - If your art work does not reflect the quality of the jury images, or your booth is not accurately represented in your image, you could be asked to leave the show.  Mass produced or kit-built work is NOT acceptable.

    -Jury images may be used for publicity purposes. The jury committee strongly advises artists to have images of professional quality that are clear & sharp. 


Booth Dimensions are 7’ Deep by 9’ Long (Except #27 & #28 that are 8' X 8'). ALL display items, artwork & chairs must be within that booth space! If your booth is not accurately represented in your jury image, you could be asked to leave the show.

  • All display items and artwork must be within the 7 x 9 space.

  • Artists must set up a stable display with professional appearance within the above dimensions. 

  • Artists are responsible for providing their entire display, including any chairs the artist will use.

  • A detailed floor layout is provided on our website for you to view.

  • The only available electric is around the perimeter but the rooms lighting is adequate for most booths so access to electricity is limited and the show committee does its best to accommodate. But not everyone who requests electric gets it.  You may bring a battery set up but it must remain in your booth space and out of sight.

  • Total electricity allowance on the perimeter is 300 watts per booth and may not be exceeded. This includes all lights, credit card machines, electronic displays, fans or any other electrical devices. (To figure out your total watts, add the watts of each device. Six 50-watt light bulbs equal 300 watts)



Printed and Signed Application

A printed application is required to be mailed, even if paying with PayPal. At the end of the application process you will be instructed to print the application. The print button is located at the top right of the Entry Thingy web page. Please complete all areas, sign and mail to Lee Richards, 707 S Oak St., Union, MO 63084

Multiple Applications

If you wish to enter in 2 categories (for example, Glass and Jewelry) then submit a second application for a reduced fee. Acceptance in one category does not necessarily guarantee acceptance in a second category.



Payment can be paid through PayPal, with or without a PayPal account, or by checks made payable to Artists Boutique.

If you choose not to use PayPal, a separate checks for application fee(s), Booth Fee and Electric Fee (if requested)$125.00 booth fee check and $20 Electric Fee Check must be included with your application(s).

By submitting this application:

It is agreed by the undersigned artist to release from and indemnify against all claims the Artists Boutique and Kirkwood Community Center for loss or damage to property and/or bodily injury. I agree that my jury images may be reproduced for publicity purposes. I agree to comply with all the rules in this application. 


Application Check List : 

  • PayPal Payment

       Completed, signed Application Form(s) is all you need to mail

  • Check* Payment Application Fee (pay each with fee with a separate check)

    • $20 Application Fee(s)

    • $10 Application Fee if applying in more than one medium

    • $125 Booth Fee

    • $20 Electric Fee (if requested)


       *If not accepted or not allotted electric then checks will be shredded after notices go out. Checks for wait-listed artists will be held until after the show dates.


Mail application to:

Lee Richards

Artists boutique Chair

707 S Oak St.

Union, MO 63084



  • Artists may display and sell only their own original work. No work from commercial molds or copied molds. No items solely assembled from or featuring work by others, such as purchased beads or kits.

  • Artwork displayed or for sale must be in the category accepted by the jury. JEWELRY may be displayed and sold only by those accepted in the Jewelry category.

  • You may apply in multiple categories, such as Glass and Jewelry. To do so you must submit separate entries for each category.

  • All hanging 2-D work must be properly mounted or framed. Matted work may be displayed neatly in bins. 2-D reproductions must be labeled as reproductions and may not comprise more than 50% of booth content.

  • Artists must be present in person for all show hours. Photo ID & license plate number may be required at check-in.

  • Jurying is from the digital files submitted through the Artists Boutique Website, 4 images of artwork and one of the booth display. Images should be recent completed and reasonably represent the style and quality of the artwork to be sold.

  • Jury images will be compared to actual booth content. Artists will be required to remove work not representing the style and quality of the jury images submitted or if the art was not accepted during the jury process.

  • For the benefit of both artists and patrons, the rules described above will be enforced. Any artist who does not comply completely with all rules will be asked to leave the Art Fair and will forfeit their booth fee.


Other information:

  • The wait list will consist of artists whose scores qualify them for acceptance if cancellations occur. This list does not indicate the order in which people on the list will be called because several factors are considered when a cancellation occurs including compatibility with the category and style of the originally accepted artist.

  • The Jurors will see your images twice. First, all 4 art images will be displayed on one screen. Then each image will be enlarged and viewed individually. Your booth image will be evaluated by the jury and included in your total jury score.

  • Images will be used for booth review prior to the show to ensure that the jury images are representative of the work displayed and booth presented. WARNING: If your artwork or booth image does not reflect the quality of your jury images, you could be asked to leave the show. Mass produced or kit-built work is NOT acceptable. 

  • Jury images may be reproduced for publicity purposes. The jury committee strongly advises artists to have images of professional quality that are clear and sharp. 

  • Larry Berman has web sites that describe how to prepare images for Zapp using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. For more information see or CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.