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Artists Boutique: Fine Art and Fine Craft Show Spring Prospectus


The Artists Boutique Fine Art Fine Craft show is an event run by artists for artists. Our show has been around for over 55 years and is still going strong today. The art fair will be inside the Kirkwood Community Center, 111 S. Geyer Rd., Kirkwood, MO 63122. There is no admission or parking fees for artists or patrons.
Clay, Digital, Drawing/Print, Fiber (non-wearable), Fiber (Wearable), Glass, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Wood


  • November 16 -    Applications will be available

  • January     15 -    Entry Deadline for Fall Artists Boutique 

  • January     25 -    Artist notification via email 

  • February   10 -     Deadline to pay booth fee 

  • February   15 -     No Booth Fee will be refunded after this date 

  • March    5 & 6-     Artists Boutique, Sunday & Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM   

  • Jury fee: $20 and non-refundable. 
  • Second Jury Fee: $15 and non-refundable (If you wish to jury in more than one category,        please submit another application.)
  • Booth Fee: $135
  • Electric Fee: $25 (limited availability)


Click here for detailed prospectus!
Please note there are new items in prospectus so please read carefully!
If you have questions please contact Lee Richards at

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conniecopley A softer,  warm fuzzy approach 2:29 PM 15 KB

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